gushy gooshy

my brain feels waaay wobbly. Earlier I had a fever of at least 100 degrees. I was so loopy that I giggled for an hour straight and had a seriously hard time standing up. Now it's 2:00am and I'm supposed to go down to C-U tomorrow and I don't know if I'm gonna make it. I think my coughing and typing is waking up Anya, who fell asleep on my couch.

Children of Men and The Departed are both really good movies. For Your Consideration is the best Christopher Guest movie yet, if you're a fan of his. I'm not the biggest, but it made me laugh at parts anyway.

I guess I'll go and blah.

My mind.... is blown.

Ok, so I just got a comment on this blog from my 5th grade teacher, Miss Barnett. Holy cow. For some, this might not be a big deal, but you guys have to understand that TO THIS DAY, Miss Barnett is my favorite teacher. Ever. Seriously. Just a month ago, there was this survey thingey at work (I work at a school), and one of the questions was what my favorite teacher was. I answered without question- Miss Barnett.

I am, for the first time, reeaaaally kind of regretting my decision to have my profile pic be my school picture... from the 5th grade. Miss Barnett, if you're reading this, I DON'T still look like this. I promise.

So, I got all excited (my mind WAS blown, after all), and went to google her to see if she had a blog or whatever to send a quick message, and then... realized that I didn't know her first name. So, it seems that this is the only avenue of communication.

Miss Barnett... What's up?

I have a myspace if you would like to see some grownup-type pictures of me- just use the search function and my name. I have a couple pictures of myself, my wife (of 4.5 years), and a few family members. Oh, and the annoying rap song that autoloads on my profile has lyrics by me. That's always good for a chuckle.

Anyway, hopefully you'll check back here, because you should know that you are the best teacher ever. I really mean that. I barely remember any of my other elementary teachers names, but I think of how great your class was often.

I live in Chicago. I work as a teachers assistant in a small elementary school. It's a theraputic day school (mostly for kids with behavioral and emotional disorders... it's a real trip working there.) Coincidentally, I work with 5th graders. Oh, how ironic. It all comes full circle. Glad you dropped me a line.

note: (I get a kick out of using phrases like "dropped me a line", since it's (maybe) derived from landline phones, which are sooooo old. Soon, people won't even know where the phrase came from, but it will probably still be in use. (sorry for the triple parentheses))

Well. That was cool.

In other news, I hope to have a different annoying rap song with lyrics by me up on my myspace shortly. Once Orion remembers how to use email. (jk)

ok, seriously though

...I'm gonna post something. Yeah. This one goes out to you, Anonymous.

I still like my job, although sometimes it drains the hell out of me. For those that don't know, I'm still working at a "theraputic day school". Elementary. I work in the oldest class. 5th and 6th grade. Teacher's Aide. There are about 2 school staff for every kid, because we have kids with a lot of needs. I have identified my greatest strength as an educator, which is that I turn everything into a joke/game. Seriously, I can't help it.

I wake up at 6:30 and get home at 5, so all the headway I formerly made on my domestic life have sadly fallen by the wayside. I cooked my first meal in a while this week, and I freakin forgot how to do it right.

Anywho, I skippped bowling with my co-workers last night. Not really my choice, but Liza wasn't feeling up to it. I have a pleasant conflict with my Fridays now- I can either go out with co-workers, go out to the Baha'i open mic with my brother, or stay home with Liza. It's hard to balance all 3 possiblilities, but I like having redundant plans.

I won't be able to geek out with the Champaign-Urbana guys this Christmas, unfortunately. I really need a good geeking out- I'm starting to feel like a normal member of mainstream society. I miss you misfits.

For break, I'm going with my family to NYC. It should be fun, but I'm feeling like I'd just like some less structured time to relax and get a grip on stuff. Oh, well. Like I said, it should be fun.

I'm gonna play capcom vs snk with my bro.

Enter a subject... yeah.

So, It has been brought to my attention that at least one person still reads this blog, so I'm gonna post. Yep. I'm gonna post a really good post. That's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna post it today. Mmmm... hot chocolate...

ok, I'm back... I'm gonna post something great.

(no subject)

Yeah, so I'm gonna be in C-U this weekend. Sorry, Short Chris, unless you want to go down this weekend I won't be able to have lunch on Sat.

(no subject)

Yeah, Kagero is definately awesome. The premise is seriously one of the best ever. Standard video game setup where there's a large, spooky, evil castle that guys have to enter to find immortality. Only thing is, instead of playing the good guys who have to navigate the castle (a la Castlevania), you play the insane genius who sets up overly elaborate traps to kill off the lemming-like jocks who wanna roll up on your turf. Nothing says fun to me like using a false floor to throw someone into a bomb which tosses them into the fireplace.


Turns out my co-workers are genuinely fun to hang out with. I tried my hand at "bags" on friday at the bar. For those who don't know, it's kinda like horseshoes, but with beanbags and a box with a hole. You know, it's that game you always see the fratboys playing outside in the spring in C-U. I was streaky, but my partner rocked the house. We went 5-0.

As far as my co-workers, they're just some nice, cool people. No one's exactly my best friend yet, (I'm fairly sure some of them still don't know my first name) but someone always talks to me when I show up, so that's good enough for me. Oh, and my teammate pissed off his ex-girlfriend so bad with his trash talking that she totally hit him with a bag... in his bags. It was quite an impressive throw!

Today I did nothing, and it was everything I ever dreamed it could be. No work tomorrow! Wooo! Chris, where's that LJ page for our game?

And now...

it is time for me to light a fire up under LJ's ass.

So, the new Roots album is EXCELLENT. I highly recommend it to anyone who at all likes any of their previous material. I don't know if it's the label change (Def Jam) or what, but I am really digging their sound on this one. The only small drawback is that it's a little slim at 12 tracks. However, I play the first 10 songs back to back, so it's well worth it.

Got together with Chris tonight. We have a role-playing project which is almost surely going to flounder within the month. One nice thing is that Chris is going to start an LJ blog about it so that people (Paul, T-Chris) can comment.

Sorry to everyone I haven't contacted for the last 3 months. I am hopefully going to be getting back on the horse soon.

My job has sucked away my social life. No, really. I haven't done anything social in forever. It's going well.

I am hopped up on meds for ADD. They work surprisingly well. The downside is... I FEEL like I'm hopped up on meds. Like I'm hyper all the time. Except I'm not actually hyper. I just feel hyper. I guess I can't explain it any better. I'm definately less creative, but more focused. 

I'm bout my biness, you could say.

While out with Chris I got Kagero 2 (ps1) for $5.00. If anyone has heard of this game, I'm going to be completely shocked. It's really good. Seriously, a lot of cool points are up for grabs if anyone knows what I'm talking about. 



*SIZZLE-Tttt--''' P-OP!"



"IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

ok, I guess it's time to bring my blog back from the dead. I have so much back up to write about that I will never, ever catch up. So I'm gonna write whatever I want. As usual, now that I think of it.

Yeah. I now have my one song with Orion uploaded onto Myspace. (Thanks again to Alex. You can now claim Hip-Hop producer status, if you couldn't already.) For the 2 of you out there who I haven't subjected to it yet, you can give it a listen on my myspace page, or else go to myspace and do a music search for "grammer factory". 

I did do work on a follow-up with Orion and Noel (aka Rhetoric and Asterisk). The vocals are laid out and everything, so hopefully it will be up in the devilish landscape of Myspace Music soon.

At some point I have to ask myself... is it really MY space? Think about that. I have. I have thought a lot about this.

I'm gonna get my sis Anya to make my "family crest". I stole this idea from Ft. Awesome, of course. But forget you guys, you aren't doing anything with it. So. It's gonna be awesome. Do yourself a favor and do a google image search for "falconer family crest". You will get something like 3 results. Ok. 5000. There's one that is blue with a lion and a heart, one that looks like a ref's uniform on a shield, and one that is just some hearts. Ok.


I'm going to allow you, the readers of this blog, to vote on which crest I should use for this amazing project. Only after viewing the crests can you vote. Vote by posting on my comments. Get this:

on the upper left corner of the crest, slanted diagonally across that corner of the shield, will be inscribed the word STUPID.

on the upper right corner of the crest, slanted diagonally across that corner of the shield, will be inscribed the virtue AWKWARD

below the sheild, scrolled orthagonally across the bottom of the Falconer shield, will be inscribed the pillar EXTREME.

thus, the 3 family pillars will be present. On a T-shirt. Vote or die.